When you are abroad and must to get any dental treatment

Nowadays, many of people from Poland are traveling all around the world. We are spending the vacations of our lives in Thailand, applying to the university in France, or visiting friends in Scotland. Beside, some of us are working abroad. Even if it is decent full-time job, you wouldn’t get dental treatment totally for free like in our country. In Belgium and Scotland even when you got exclusive medical insurance, you need a lot of cash to do it.So what to do if you must to get dental implants abroad, in United Kingdom for instance? And what about children?

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In Belgium medical treatment is really expensive, mostly if you do not have any kind of insurance. To get access to the free treatment, you must to go to the social welfare, and when you get lucky, you would get card for free dental treatments.

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But unfortunately, you must to be out of work for many months. When you have a job, you settle up your insurance with it. But even so, you still need to spend plenty – in comparison with the Polish realms. For instance dental implants abroad in Belgium cost exactly four times more then in Poland. But you can always go to the Polish specialist – a lot of them has their practice in Belgium. They are much more cheaper, and will understand you very good.

In England, if you are a kid or pregnant lady, you are allowed to have dental care for free. When you aren’t, also when you have special insurance, you have to spend plenty of money. Expenditures are divided for three categories: first, which will cost you nineteen pounds, which includes x-ray, basic visit, polishing and destroying the calculus on your teeth. Second one, which costs 50,50 pounds it’s about extracting of tooth, and basic treatment of your teeth. And third one, worth 219 pounds – it’s about about crown work and artificial teeth. So as you may see, dental implants abroad – in UK are less expensive then in Poland. When you are only a tourist, and you have issues with your teeth, you must to pay full prize, unless you get dedicated travel insurance. In that case dental treatment is totally for free (in most of situations)- you can see here.

One of the biggest pain in our bodies is almost each time connected with teeth. If you are working abroad or just visiting, it is clever to secure yourself from it, by having great insurance, otherwise, nobody would decrease the pain, or you only go to the private dentist and get ruined.