No plans for summertime? Exchange your apartment!

Really common way of spending summer is exchange homes. People from totally contrasting countries and culture, are meeting on line and decide to live for couple of weeks in each other apartments. Usually, they don’t know destinate city at all, they don’t know the language, but often colleagues of host are helping with adaptation. This sort of holiday is mostly popular in Esperanto circles, then speaking barrier is not an issue. Two students of this language, PaweĊ‚ from Szczecin and Salman from Istanbul switch their apartments. Let’s read what each one has to say about living for two weeks in exactly different country.

You need to renew your smile? Try on Dental Implants Poland!

Going to the dentist is always a hard time for everyone. it is distressing and costly, but sometimes most of us need to do it. You don’t know anyone reliable in your village? You need to get a serious medical procedure inside your mouth? Try out Dental Implants Poland. This international clinic, this year open some new branches in whole country. possibly you will contemplate to try them on?